I rarely donate to things so I understand if you don't. It's a hassle, and you never know if you can trust the person on the other side is truly decent, or worthy of your dollar. The writing is 100% mine, the layout I edited with research and vague html skill, same with the podcast minus my guests. No one censors me but myself. It's been work. First started in 2008, inspired by tedious office work.

Comparatively to my input my return has been about zero. And most advertisements are obnoxious so I won't shill. In simple terms being unpopular means you're either really good or really mediocre. So don't donate. What good's that going to do? I would just eat sushi instead of fast food and spend the rest on escorts, leaving even less time for my already sparing output.

I'm as terrible as all the content of this site implies. You see Make-a-Wish bald children reading a script for money on TV and you don't donate, you think, "Some guy's probably skimming off the top." And I don't even have cancer, though I could be a skinhead for all you know. It won't make you feel good and you can't even brag about it on Facebook.

If you like a post, feedback is great and anonymous commenting is enabled & easy, sharing is encouraged, or send me work.

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