The Second Jenny I Loved (A Poem)

The above photo is very special to me. I found it today. It speaks to me on a deeply personal level. No, this is not some bit. It says something profound about human nature. I'm going to print it out and bring it into a psychiatrist's office and tap on the cardboard, "This is my head. Please fix it."

And now to share a poem.

The Second Jenny I Loved

It's 4:44 a.m., babe
You know I've been missing you
Like a dog chasing its tail
I've been bitten by you, smitten by you
And I ain't got a shot for your rabies
Babe, let's have babies
Let's start a family plan together
I know I'm T-Mobile, I know you're Sprint
But I feel you in the spirit
I like how your white on the outside
But Sprite on the inside
We're going to have children one day babe
Or at least four Tamagotchi keychains
We will have a Dalmatian
In our shared copy of Nintendogs
And I promise to keep you prisoner
With a constellation as handcuffs
Not everything I can provide
But at least the night sky
We'll stay up all night
If you know what I mean, ;-) ;-) wink wink
...Watching Tales From the Crypt in marathon
And The Brave Little Toaster
And I'll kiss you on the forehead
Whenever you feel sick
And when you're sad you can punch me in the stomach
While pretending I'm Jennifer Garner
Because that's my idea of therapy
Lay down next to me babe
The bluish hue of the faint lights in my room
They can keep us up,
Before we give up
And sleep next to each other like huddled masses
On boats across the Atlantic
Waiting to see Lady Liberty
Peak above the horizon

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